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4 Tips on Marketing Your Home Based Business

By Robert David Fraser – November 18, 2011

So you have finally decided on a business to join and now comes the fun part, marketing your home based business. After all you can have the best business idea, product, and compensation plan but that will not be enough because we all know that ‘he who markets the best, wins.’ One thing to keep in mind is to always be as efficient as you can with your marketing dollars as possible. Everywhere you look on the internet there is someone wanting to charge you for different ways of advertising your business. That is why I am going to provide you with very cost efficient and creative ways for you in marketing your home based business.

Social Media is the first place you should go for free marketing. The top four places are Facebook, Twitter, Better Networker, and Linked In. A lesser used hub for networking is also YouTube. A lot of people post videos there, yes, but not a lot of people actually connect through YouTube. When marketing your home based business on social media sites just talk and connect with people. You don’t need to pay for Facebook ads or constantly ‘tweet’ your link on Twitter. You are the focal point of your business. Your particular company or opportunity is just a tool. So only put yourself and your knowledge out there when marketing your home based business.

Networking events are another way of getting your business out there for a low cost. The bottom line is to get yourself known as much as you can, as much as possible. Go to your local Chamber of Commerce or the Meet Up website to find local networking events in your area. Attend these events with the intention of finding as much information out about as many people as you can. Do not talk about yourself or even hand out your business card. Collect as many business cards as you can and call them the next day to reconnect. You don’t want to be pushy when marketing your home based business.

Another free method to market your home based business is writing articles or filming short videos. Either method is cost efficient and easy. If you are not a writer, film a short 30 second video and post it online. If you are camera shy, write 300-700 word articles and post them to the various article directories online. In marketing your home based business, you want to take yourself out of the picture and think like a consumer or prospect. What sort of questions would be on their minds and keep that in mind when writing or filming.

The last thing to keep in mind when marketing your home based business is people joins people. They really couldn’t care less about whatever company you are in. If they like you, they will join you. So when marketing your business, you are actually marketing you. Keep this in mind and you will have much success.


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