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By Jennifer T Smith- November 2, 2010

America has been known as the land of opportunities. Immigrants from all over the world dream of the day they step foot on US soil. They vision a better life for them and their family. Years of being told that here in America opportunities await you just around the corner all you have to do is look for them.

Americans have the privilege to live in a country that encourages its citizens to venture out and take hold of their dreams and make them a reality. For many Americans this dream is to own their own company and strike it rich. With a bit of determination, hard work and a plan this dream can become a reality if you play it smart and learn the importance of good advertising.

What’s it Worth?

Every year multimillion dollar companies spend millions and at times even billions of dollars on advertising. Why? Easy! To make more money. They do this by getting the word out that they exist and can offer its consumers ease and practicality to their everyday life. The crazy thing is we actually buy into it and before we realize it we are out the door rushing to be the first in line.

Good advertising and attractive packaging goes a long way in the field of marketing. A savvy business man knows how to appeal to his intended market and displays his product where it can be easily seen.

Pick Your Market

Target a group to market and then set out to discover what might draw that particular group to your product and entice them to buy it. Children are always a good group to zone in on. They are easily amused, observant, and persistent. When a child sees an item that interest them they can’t seem to think about anything else. They analyze the item until they have every detail memorized and are then able to conjure up creative and inventive ways of describing that particular item to their parents in a way that is so attractive that it would put even the best of advertising teams to shame.

Parents are constantly being negotiated into purchasing items for their children by the children themselves. Your job then becomes fun as you think of fun and creative ways on how your company’s product can leave a lasting impression on its targeted group.

Leave an Impression

First Impressions are lasting impressions. Face it, anytime a child sees that red headed clown approaching wearing a yellow pant suit their eyes bug out of their head and all of a sudden their mouth is watering for a taste of a juicy cheeseburger from McDonalds. Now visualize your own product causing the same reaction. Ok, maybe your product will not have them drooling at the mouth but rather laughing with excitement.

Whatever the product might be promoting it in a fun, stylish and unique way is going to attract the eyes of young ones. And what better way to leave a lasting impression is to promote your company or product in the form of a temporary tattoo? Children love them and they provide a fun creative way for children to be walking billboards for your company.

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