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Throw a World Cup theme party!

Throw a World Cup theme party!The World Cup kicks off this weekend and soccer fans around the world are coming up with fun ways to celebrate this epic competition. Instead of heading to the local pub to watch the games, why not host a fantastic World Cup theme party?

Theme parties are a great way to get partygoers involved in the event. Encourage guests to don their favorite players’ jerseys, and cover the walls with flags from the various countries competing.

Take a cue from sports and entertainment centers when planning the party’s layout. Unlike typical get togethers, this shindig should center around the television set. Make sure there is ample seating, from fold-out chairs to large pillows on the floor.

When putting together the theme party’s menu, remember to take into account the amount of jumping and clapping that will most likely transpire. Avoid messy foods that might drip and instead opt for chips, veggies and other finger foods that are easy to eat and mess-free.

Setting up a buffet in an adjoining room can help prevent cheering-related spills. Guests can make a plate for themselves during commercial breaks, and those who aren’t as into the game will have a great place to hang.

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  1. money online says:

    Ronaldo is the only wits i like the world cup if he doesn’t play the world cups spirit is gone for me .

  2. Sachiko Ericson says:

    Come on, Argentina! Kick some Nigerian butt!