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Heidi and Seal to throw a themed anniversary party

Since their wedding in May 2005, Hollywood super-couple Heidi Klum and Seal have been celebrating theiranniversary in style – they renew their vows each year and throw an elaborate party for friends and family. This year the anniversary party will boast an all-too-fitting theme: weddings.

According to, while last year’s theme was “white trash,” this year the pair has asked partygoers to dress as brides and grooms.

Heidi claims the theme party came to her in a dream. “All of the women will be brides and all of the men will be grooms,” the news source quotes Klum as saying. “Just one day, I woke up and I was like, ‘Oh, I know what I am going to do this year’…I like to have fun and I like to make it fun for my family and friends.”

A themed anniversary party is a fun way to celebrate your and your partner’s relationship. Your friends and loved ones will enjoy the chance to toast your happy marriage, especially while participating in a fun theme.

When picking your theme, your choice can be completely arbitrary – a ’50s sock hop, a beach party, a wild west extravaganza – or can relate to a wonderful moment in your relationship, such as your honeymoon destination.

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