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How to Create A Christmas Party Menu

By Marie Coles – December 8, 2010

Christmas time – the only period you can truly celebrate with colleagues, family and friends, as well as get away with eating as much as you like! Christmas parties, whether for work, friends or the family, are an event people really look forward to. Part of making the Christmas party an event everyone wants to intend is by creating a fantastic Christmas menu, which no one can resist!

Creating a fantastic and delicious menu is no easy task, as you have to keep to festive foods but also go with items that everyone likes. First of all before you even plan your meal, check out numbers attending. After all, you or any staff don’t want to spend days and days creating a complex meal for 400 guests!

Determine what sort of meal you want for your guests. A sit down meal is best for a classy Christmas party, whilst a buffet may be better for the less formal event. Buffets often require preparation beforehand and less hands on time during the meal, making them much faster and easier to serve. You can also cater for more people’s needs by having a large variety of hors d’oeuvres. A three course meal on the other hand is often a better catalyst for conversation, as guests are more likely to talk with one another around the dining table. You can also serve a ‘proper’ meal that impresses your guests, however, to cater for everyone’s needs you may be required to create extra dishes for guests who are vegetarian, do not eat particular foods for religious reasons and who have allergies.

You will also need to decide upon what cutlery and plates you are going to use. Most people use a simple white plate for Christmas dinners, but if you do want to add that festive edge go for Christmas themed plates with decorative designs or add a little fake holly to the side of the plate.

After deciding upon the meal, you can then move onto deciding what beverages you are going to serve. Usually with a sit down meal, red and white wine is served to accompany the meal. Serving wine with the food will bring out the flavours. Cater for those who don’t drink alcohol by creating a few non-alcoholic cocktails or providing tasty sparkling drinks, such as sparkling grape juice. You can also choose to add a signature cocktail drink to the party. Serve it before or after the meal, as cocktails generally don’t go best with food. Alternatively, serve an Irish coffee after dinner as coffee helps the body digest after a scrumptious meal.

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