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How to Decorate Your Events Venue

By James Dane – December 30, 2010

Events are frequently used to showcase a company’s talent and the décor used often reflects a company’s culture and style. For this very reason companies invest hundreds of thousands of pounds each year in events and require meticulous planning and attention to detail. To decorate such high profile event planners need to look at a number of key areas.


Events are held for a variety of reasons ranging from charity events to award shows but in each case the décor and design should follow a strict theme. The theme should be related to the events purpose and be in keeping with your company’s belief and ethos. As a planner you should try to convey a clear message through your design. Many planners identify their theme after they have clearly set the goals and objectives of the event. Popular themes include Rome and James Bond.

Time of Year

Season plays an important role within event planning as your décor, design and setup will be greatly affected by the weather. Traditionally event popularity peeks in the summer as the weather is warm and planners can embrace the natural sun light and warmth. Decorations and light can be used to give a feeling of warmth in the winter.


Decorations are key to the look of an event and should follow the theme you have identified above. Planners often spend the majority of their budget in this area as they can be perceived to have the biggest visual impact. Table decorations and chair covers for events tend to be some of the most popular types of decoration. Planners also put a big emphasis on banqueting chair covers. These small touches all help add to the atmosphere and provide a fun atmosphere for your guests.

Venue Size

The size of the venue will play a huge role in the decorations you plan to use. Large venues will require much larger decorations to help fill the space while smaller venues will need more subtle ones. Again the theme will play a large part in this. Planners should also look into the shape of a venue as some venues offer awkward spaces to work with. If the space is compartmented then it might be worth while using some variations in the theme from area to area. This makes each area unique and exciting. The decorations in your venue should engage your audience and add to the overall experience.

When decorating any events venue the majority of a planner’s time should be put in to planning and research. Finding decorations that will suit your event takes time and taking the time to visit various suppliers usually pays off. The internet is a popular resource for finding such suppliers and you may have to go to extra lengths to find the perfect decoration. Most suppliers will also offer bulk discount on items and you can often negotiate with them. Remember to follow your plan carefully and review the areas mentioned above.

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