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The Secret To A Hassle Free Children’s Birthday Party

By Sara Leadbetter – February 18, 2011

Birthday Parties are always a big event for children. Often, weeks out from the big event, your child will be anticipating and hinting at the hoped for presents and party and, of course, parents normally want to do their best for their children.

Planning your child’s party should start weeks before the big day. How many adults and children will you be catering for, who do you invite, what food allergies will you have to cater for, what theme will the party have and where will you have it? Then finally, on the big day you have to clean up the house before guests arrive (no matter how tidy you are, you will probably still tidy more!) get the food prepared, the presents organized, party games, move anything precious that might accidentally get broken, have some food and drinks for other adults, put the food out and finally have the party!

But wait! Your job’s not over yet! You have to watch the children, make sure they are happy and amused and then breathe a sigh of relief when it is all over and your child is full of cake and has a big smile on their face.

Did I say it was all over? Not yet! Someone now has to clean up any spilt drinks, food, and tidy way wrapping papers and get everything back to normal. So, while your child had a great day, you have put in many hours of work getting it all organized, hosting the party and cleaning up and frankly, are probably very tired.

All parents know about children’s parties and the effort that goes into them, yet, wouldn’t you really like to enjoy the party as much as your child? There are kits you can get on line which can make life easier but, even if you have the kit, you still have effort to put into it, host it and clean up.

One hassle free children’s party solution is to take your child and their friends out for an organized birthday party. There are many advantages; you do not have get your house organized, no food preparation, no potential damages to your home and best of all, no clean up afterwards. You just arrive; have fun with your child, their friends and other parents and leave.

An ideal venue for a children’s birthday party is an indoor playground, you can hire your own room for the actual party and the children have free access to all of the activities and burn off all that sugar and energy they have on slides, bouncy castles amongst other things. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if it rains. Many indoor playgrounds will have on online invites all prepared so all you have to do is fill in names and email them or print them out. The food is all sorted and often there will be a choice of tradition children’s party food or a healthier option, plus, you can choose to get optional platter with food adults prefer. There are usually a number of party themes that your child can choose from so that every birthday can be as individual as the child.

Imagine sitting back, taking photos of happy smiling faces and enjoying the company of any other parents you have invited. When the children are all tuckered out, you just take them home, no cleaning up!

If this sounds appealing but you are thinking about the costs, consider this, you may find you spend more hosting a party yourself by the time you get everything, perhaps hired a magician or a bouncy castle and bought the food. And, don’t undervalue yourself, consider the hours it takes to arrange, run and clean up afterwards, what’s your time really worth?

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