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Party planning tips to throw a bash for active kids

Party planning tips to throw a bash for active kids

By Hillary Mullen – July 22nd 2010

At times, throwing a children’s party can be relatively simple – purchase a birthday cake and stock up on party supplies and games. Some parents even hire a magician to entertain the youngsters. But planning a fiesta for an older kid who doesn’t want to sit inside all day may be tricky.

However, parents of lively 11-year-olds need not worry. Hosting a shindig for an active ‘tween, those between middle childhood and adolescence, can be simple with a bit of careful party planning.

According to, before you choose the activity, ask your child what types of things he or she enjoys to do with his or her friends. If the majority of kids are on the soccer team, gear the party toward a competitive (but friendly!) sporting event. If the children enjoy staying active but are not athletes, a fun pool party may be more up their alley.

If you decide to throw a party that involves playing a sport, the news source reminds you to make sure that an even number of kids are invited to ensure balanced teams.

Regardless of the activity selected – from capture the flag to roller hockey – make sure to offer healthy and energizing snacks throughout the party.

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