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Keira Knightley At Anna Karenina Movie Premiere & After Party

By Hillary Mullen – November 16, 2012

EventNow reports Keira Knightley at the Anna Karenina Los Angles movie premiere and after party that was hosted two nights ago in Hollywood. It was a spectacular event!

This movie is a much-anticipated one that hits theatres nationwide today and it is going against The Twilight Saga.  But we are hoping that it will do really well and be ranked in the top five movies.

The venue that hosted the premiere and after party was the Arclight Cinemas, which is known for hosting many events like these. The celebrities are no strangers while walking the venues’ hallways.

The red carpet was laid down with various images from the movie set up, so the only thing that was missing were the guests. Slowly they made their way to the venue for the premiere. The guests walked the red carpet and were making some stops along the way — to either give the reporters an interview or smile for the flash bulbs and show off their couture creations that they were wearing.

Anna Karenina star, Keira Knightley, wore an amazing mint green couture gown with some embellishment in the top which looked exquisite. Jude Law appeared at the premiere along with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joe Wright, John Savage, Andrew Karpen, Seamus McGarvey, Robert Loggia, Audrey Loggia. Many others made their way into the venue to see the fruits of their labor finally on the big screen.

After the premiere, an after party was hosted in their honor to celebrate the upcoming success of the movie and reward the cast and crew’s hard working efforts. Champagne was flowing all around the venue and everyone was all smiles and laughing the entire night. Appetizers and finger foods were passed around to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Hurry over to theatres this weekend to see the premiere of this amazing movie and see all that is has to offer!

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