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Friends With Kids Premiere & After Party

By Alicia McCarthy – March 7, 2012

EventNow reports Friends with Kids movie premiere and after party that took place the other night and New York City, and let’s just says it was a night full of laughs and fun.

Friends with kids is a movie about two friends who decide it’s time for them to have a kid so they decide to have one together, but the catch is they get to see other people. Talk about a twist and this cast is great and it’s good to see some of cast from Bridesmaid.

The festivities began with a screening of the movie, and guests like the beautiful and very talented Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm who is a pleasure to see him again with this cast, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Alan Cumming, Jennifer Westfeldt, Megan Fox, Chris O’Dowd, Amy Sacco, Jack McBrayer, etc. and many others attended the premiere and walked the red carpet and posed for their pictures to the taken by the onsite photographers.

After the conclusion of the movie screening, all of the guests headed over Top of the Standard to an after party celebration and to get to mingle and celebrate. The onsite bartending staff was mixing nonstop cocktails for the guests and the wait staff was bringing around continuously. The onsite catering staff had prepared some tasty appetizers for the guests to munch on as they mingled and shared their thoughts about the movie they saw and how great it will be at the box office and the laughs it will bring out. Well with a cast like that, how could it not be a success and full of laughter?

We cannot wait for when the movie hits the theaters nationwide in the next couple of weeks and see for ourselves what this movie is all about.

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