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Celebrity Weddings And Engagements!

By Hillary Mullen – December 27, 2012

EventNow reports celebrity weddings and engagements that took place earlier this month and during the holiday season.

It was just revealed that the famous actress Kate Winslett, tied the knot earlier this month in New York City to her beau, Ned Rocknroll. Only a small group of people attended the event. Even the groom’s parents didn’t know about the nuptials!

The bride’s children were present (she has two from her previous marriages). This is her third marriage, and the groom had some friends attending. The bride had her close friend Leonardo DiCaprio walk her down the aisle. It was simple and elegant and everyone seemed to enjoy the wedding.

The nuptials were hush-hush and no announcements were made until this past weekend. The famous actor’s PR manager announced that she got married and is living a happy, blissful, married life.

Other famous celebrity couples decided to take a step closer to tying the knot. Famous singer, Brady, just got engaged recently to  music executive, Ryan Press, and we are so happy for the famous singer, as she is taking a step closer to making her relationship official. Now we will just have to wait for all the wedding details to be revealed and how the happy couple will decide to tie the knot. Will they decided to go the option of Kate Winslett and host a small and intimate wedding ceremony with just a small group of friends and family attending or go with a more huge and elaborate wedding? We are thinking option number two, since this is the first marriage for the famous singer.

Another famous singer got engaged and will be taking a walk down the aisle. We are talking about no other than the beautiful and very talented, Janet Jackson. Supposedly the famous singer got engaged earlier this year, but hasn’t been sporting her ring. This will be her third marriage. Maybe third time is a charm! Her fiancé is a famous billionaire and it has been rumored that the nuptials will take place in Qatar over this upcoming spring with all of the bride’s family flying on private jets.

WOW! Many celebrity wedding and engagements going on this holiday season! We are certain as the New Year rings, there will be many more other happy announcements and we cannot wait to report it to you!


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