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Brooke Mueller Romantic Birthday Celebration

By Hillary Mullen – August 24, 2011

EventNow reports Brooke Mueller’s romantic birthday celebration that took place over the weekend in Mexico.

This comes as a surprise to us, Brooke Mueller, who is Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, was spotted in Mexico vacationing, get this, with her ex-husband and father of her two sons, Charlie Sheen. We don’t know if these two are trying to reconcile and save their marriage, but this trip came as a surprise to us.

So the duo was spotted in Mexico – which may we add it is Charlie Sheen’s favorite vacation place, he considers it heaven on earth – taking long walks on the beach, swimming and inner tubing at the hotels river, and in general having some fun and relaxation while their twin boys were left back home.

Since it was Brooke’s birthday, Charlie planned a great birthday celebration for her. He didn’t throw her a party with many friends and family attending and having a good time. He just planned a romantic dinner for two on the beach. Just for him and the birthday girl. There were candles all over the place and the table setting had a romantic feel. The onsite catering staff had prepared a special birthday dinner and a delicious cake for the guest of honor that was decorated so nicely and included candles all around.

It was a great romantic way to celebrate her birthday and not have a big extravagant party. Some couples opt for that kind of celebration instead of something big and flashy. We know that both of them enjoyed it and mostly the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Brooke! Wish your year is full of love and laughter!

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