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Anne Hathaway & Hugh Jackman Sing At Awards Lunch

By Alicia McCarthy – December 13, 2012

EventNow reports Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman decided to perform a couple of songs while they were attending a luncheon in their honor, which happened to have some Oscar voter attendees.

The premiere was a star-studded event that took place just a couple of nights ago, here in New York City. All of the cast and crew members had a fantastic time at the premiere, but mostly at the after party that was a fantastic event and had everyone talking about it.

The next day, was something more low key and casual. There was a luncheon hosted in their honor and they had a chance to answer a couple of questions in regards to the upcoming movie, Les Miserables (which as we commented before, will be a huge box office success and we are smelling not many Oscar nominations and guarantee wins).

Some of the cast members decided to take a different route instead of answering some of the questions that were asked. They decided to belt out a couple of tunes.

First and foremost, all of the attendees appeared and shared a couple of laughs as they mingled with the other guests and made their way to their seats. While they were enjoying the festivities, they had a tasty lunch in their honor.

After their meal, they decided to go on with the show. Hugh Jackman hit the stage and decided to serenade his beautiful wife. Anne Hathaway couldn’t let this opportunity just drop. She decided to belt out a tune, but not before asking two of her younger cast mates to join her along with Amanda Seyfried.

In general, this cast knows how to be the life of the party, and you will get to see what we are talking about once you have a chance to see the movie, Les Miserables.

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