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2012 SAG Awards Celebration

By Alex Kombos – January 25, 2012

EventNow reports the 2012 SAG awards celebration that will be taking place this weekend in every household and in Los Angeles, California.

The SAG Awards will be hosted this Sunday at the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles, California, and we know all of the actors will be looking their finest and going to this event to see if their nomination led them to a win. This is the one award ceremony follows the Golden Globes and gets the mood ready for the Oscars, which they were announced the other day and we are so excited about the nominations and who will win, but back to the SAG Awards.

So if you are die hard movie junkie, you know that you will definitely be hosting a party with your friends to see this award ceremony. Definitely you are saving the best for the Oscars, which you might even have your own red carpet, photographers and an Oscar worthy dinner but there is time for that event, for now let’s just focus on the award ceremony that will take place this weekend.

Now that you have called up your closest friends to get together and see the award ceremony, now you have to plan the menu and the cocktails. You can do for a simple route, that way you can sit and enjoy the party as well. Plan to have some already mixed drinks that you only need to chill and pour in a glass that covers the drinks. Now as far as the catering is concern, just plan on having a variety of finger foods and a good selection of mini desserts, all laying out in platters on a table and the only thing you need to do is just sit down and enjoy the show with your friends.

We are looking forward to this week’s ceremony and the after parties that will take place.

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