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2011 Billboard Awards and Pre Party

By Hillary Mullen – May 23, 2011

EventNow reports the 2011 Billboard Awards and pre party that was hosted last night in Las Vegas, Nevada and more specifically at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. What a night! We cannot wait to see what happened.

The festivities started a day before with a pre party at the most happening nightclub. The venue was no other than The Bank. The night was happening. The club was playing all the latest hits, and all of the guests were jamming and having a good time. They were enjoying the drinks and all of the other drink creations that were created as well as the music that was blasting. Everyone was dancing and having a fantastic time.

The next night, the festivities continued with a party – because music awards are always a party with all that music – it was amazing. All the nominees, attendees, and guests were arriving one by one for the award show and posing for their pictures to be taken by the on-site photographers. They all looked amazing with the attire that they wore. It varied from casual looks to very interesting and unique to very flashy and couture attire. Either way, they all looked amazing in their own way.

The guests were shown into the auditorium where they got their seat and got to mingle with the other guests there and have a good time. Then the show started and the hosts were making their announcements and awarding to the winners their awards. In between some of the awards there were amazing performances: Mary J Blige gave an amazing performance, Brittney Spears and Rihanna hit the stage together, etc. All of the performances had everyone on their feet and showing off some moves. Even though it’s an award show, it’s a real party.

There were some special awards given out that night and Beyoncé was one honored with the special Millennium Honor Award.

Congrats to all the winners and to all the amazing performances that was put on.

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