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“Teqa” Restaurant Opening in New York City

By Alicia McCarthy – March 4, 2011

EventNow reports the grand opening of Teqa restaurant here in New York City the other night and we couldn’t be more excited for this event.

The restaurant owner is Derek Axelrod and the chef is no other than Derek Jeter’s personal chef Lisa Schoen. Teqa is a taqueria and a tequileria, which means tasty treats and drinks, will be prepared and served in this restaurant.

The opening night was last night and besides Snooki from Jersey Shore who was there to enjoy the festivities; also in attendance were Kelly Bensimon, Warren Sapp, Sia, and Dean Winters. This new restaurant will cater to all of New York City and we cannot wait to see what tasty treats they will have.

Everyone there seemed to have enjoyed the delicacies that Lisa had created for all of the guests attending the opening of the new restaurant. Each dish was better and more creative than the other. Everyone was amazed by the creativity of each dish. The desserts were amazing, but more incredible of all were the drinks that the bartenders created. The creativity as well as the presentation was very unique and may I say delicious.

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