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How do consumers use the EventNow site?
How does EventNow benefit consumers?
How much work can event service professionals expect EventNow to generate?
Does EventNow follow up with the customer to check on a service professional’s work?
How do the Reviews work?
Do I have control over my reviews?
How are EventNow reviews different from those on any other wedding website?
Does having more reviews affect my listing ranking?
What happens if I get a fraudulent review?
What happens if I get a Bad Review?
Will EventNow cancel a service professional’s member status upon receiving a customer complaint?
What if I service more than one region?
What if I service more than one region?
Why should I sign up to get leads when most of my business is the result of word-of-mouth?
I lost/forgot my password . . . where can I reset it?
What happens if event service professionals go on vacation?





If you cannot find the answer to your question, please send us an e-mail at


EventNow is an online destination where Event Service Professionals can find new customers, projects or Partnership and connect with each other. EventNow provides cutting edge technology to the Events and Party industry through lead generation, social networking and planning tools. EventNow serves as the most intelligent lead generation source for Event Service Professionals.

We’ve compiled project information from many industry-recognized sources so that we provide you with the right information about the job. EventNow is built upon a reliable network of event service professionals with a track record.
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The entire process is intuitive for customers, takes mere minutes, and virtually hassle-free. In order to quickly find the best local event service professionals, customers submit a brief description of their service needs using the EventNow interview on the Web site. The completed service profile provides customers with prompt access to a wealth of information about their projects (such as the scope of the project, type of materials required, and helpful hints on how to work with a service professional). EventNow then uses the completed service profile to connect customers with multiple EventNow event service professionals that can best complete their project.

EventNow finds, matches, qualifies and connects customers with current service needs with the right local service professional for the job. EventNow customers will benefit in many ways:

  • They can find event service professionals for over 360 types of work
  • They learn valuable facts about their project as they create the service request
  • They have access to expert advice in the EventNow Web site communities
  • They find reputable, reliable event service professionals whom they can trust
  • They choose between the event service professionals based on a wide variety of background information, including ratings and reviews and the company’s Web site.

We make no guarantee. As soon as a consumer submits a Service Request that matches your work preferences, we’ll contact you. You can receive more leads by broadening your work preferences. You can also increase your chances at winning jobs by consistently doing quality work so your customer Ratings and Reviews will be superior.

Yes. We always follow up after we refer you. We will ask the customer if they received their estimate in a reasonable amount of time, if they are happy with your work, prices, cleanliness, and professionalism. This information will be presented to customers so that you can distinguish your business from others on our Web site.

Reviews submitted by customers are linked to your account and then combined with the rest of your prior reviews. The average of your reviews creates your total score, on a scale from 1 to 5. The more customers that review your business, the more accurate overall rating you will receive.

Invite Your Customers – EventNow allows you to invite your legitimate customers who have been matched to you to review your business/service.
Dispute Resolution – Should there be a fraudulent review, you may dispute the rating and EventNow will investigate on your behalf.

Our review system is based on the total average of your ratings. If you are a legitimate business with a strong service record, your customers and history of success will speak on your behalf. No one poor review can hurt your business.

No. The EventNow matching algorithm matches consumers requests based on categories/ Sub-categories, location, budget size and premium placements. Rating and reviews help the consumer make a selection between the matched service pros.

If you receive a suspicious or fraudulent review, click on the “Dispute” link next to the review in question. This will alert EventNow’s Fraud Department. We will then temporarily suspend that review and investigate. Should the review be verified, it will be placed back on your Storefront. If not, it will be removed permanently.

If you get a bad review, the first question is whether it is deserved or not. If it is a legitimate review, you can choose to defend your position by responding to this review. You may also invite more of your Consumers to review you to boost your overall ratings.
**Any attempt to manipulate these ratings and reviews is a clear violation of EventNow policy and may result in the removal and permanent ban of an establishment from EventNow
EventNow will NOT remove a review solely because it represents a low rating.

No. We recognize that there are two sides to every story. However, when we receive negative customer feedback, we will contact you. We want to provide you with the opportunity to satisfy your customers, even when you may not realize the customer had a complaint. EventNow considers every element of constructive customer feedback valuable as we collectively strive to deliver outstanding customer service.

You can do it in a matter of one click! In “My Lead Settings”, click “Add premium Placement for $1″. Thiswill qualify you as a premium placement by paying only $1 more than the lead price of the service category.

You can add as many service categories as you’d like in “My Lead Settings” specifying any location and radius.

While word of mouth will always play its role in planning for an event, often Event Service Professionals are stuck with leads that are not highly profitable or practical. These clients can be poorly matched to your services and/or prices, or you could end up having to drive great distances for the job. With EventNow, leads are specifically matched to your business profile and preferences, maximizing your performance and profit. The newest generation of customers are all the very internet-savvy, becoming increasingly reliant on the internet to satisfy their needs.

No problem! Reset your password here.

You can turn EventNow’s service on or off at any time by adjusting your profile. You can set our matching engine to turn back on at a specified date in the future.

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EventNow will allow your business to save time, energy, and money.
Be Time Efficient

  • Create your online Storefront and customers come to you.
  • Qualified leads will be sent to you based on your budget, leads and location preferences.

Be Energy Efficient

  • Our local focus will allow you to effortlessly connect with consumers who are having an event in your area.
  • Get Reviewed! EventNow Ratings are accurate and let your previous clients speak on your behalf.
  • Access saved proposal templates, leads tracking and budgeting all from your account.

Be Cost Efficient

  • No Cost to sign up! Get listed in our event service pro catalog and build your own online Storefront, all for free!
  • More control over your dollars. Pay for the leads you get.

EventNow seeks to empower its Event Service Professionals. Our goal is to treat you with the utmost respect, to build an ongoing and lasting relationship, and to help maximize your business potential. We built this site to put you in control:

  • Control Your Spend – Your dollars will drive results that you can see. EventNow gives you a personalized StoreFront, a listing in our map-based catalog, and the opportunity to be connected to customers who are planning an event based on your lead settings. That puts you in complete control of your marketing dollars, and allows you to closely monitor your return on investment.
  • Control Your Ratings – Other sites have popular discussion boards, but one customer’s negative comments can severely hurt your business. At EventNow, we have developed a detailed review process that is fair to Event Service Pros and customers alike. We validate ALL inbound reviews and work hard to preserve the integrity of the Review System.
  • Control Your work Load – You decide how many leads to received and at what budget so you can go after the projects that interest you. You can use our service as much or as less as you would like!

Absolutely! You won’t have to waste your time with customers who just window-shop. EventNow allows you to spend your time with the right “ready-to-buy” customers. We do our best to fully educate customers about the scope, cost, and timing of their projects. Then we’ll match them with you, based on your preferences for job type and location.

While you’re on the job, EventNow is finding qualified customers for you. We lots of dollars driving consumers to our Web site and educating them for you. We use the power of the Internet to expand your word-of-mouth advertising and build a whole new customer base for you.

The EventNow Certified seal of approval tells customers that you’re one of the best. We have the most thorough qualification system in the industry.

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With EventNow, you specify the type of work you do and the area that you serve. EventNow provides you with new customer leads that match your requirements and you pay a nominal fee for each lead you match to. Different sized jobs have different Lead Fees. Log in to your account to see exact prices in “My Lead Settings” section.
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We expect you to conduct yourself in the same professional manner in which you treat all of your customers. We expect you to represent your company and ours in the most professional way so that the customer will call both of us back and refer us to others.

Communication is extremely important. We expect you to return all calls promptly. We expect you to confirm with the customer that you fully understand what they are asking you to do. Be sure the customer understands delays such as back-ordered materials or weather that can prolong the job. Also, review your guarantees with the customer before starting the job.

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Other Questions

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